Sunday, September 1, 2013

Welcoming what is to come...

It's going to happen.

What is to come will eventually arrive.

Whether we want it to or not. It will come.

The question is...

What will we be like when it gets here?

Will our hearts be soft? Will our minds be open?

Every day is preparation for the next moment and the next and the next.

And it we are open, willing, and ready to welcome what is, then maybe the "what is" won't be so bad after all.

What will we be like when "what is" lands?

I pray we will be grace-filled, dream-driven, compassionate Christians who are overtly open to God's creation and desire for mankind.

Because when you are open to the next thing and the thing after that, you start seeing yourself as brave and capable and creative.

You start seeing yourself as Christ sees you.

And pretty soon, you're welcoming what is to come.

So tonight, make a big pitcher of sweet tea and leave the light on.
And welcome what is to come.
It's coming.

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