Wednesday, October 17, 2012


She walked through her twenties wandering and wondering. She searched.
She felt empty and unsure.
Looking for love in places that in the end caused more damage and more hurt in her heart.

She pressed on. The search for truth, for holiness.
It had to be found. Where, she had no idea?
She tried to keep her eyes on things above. How it is hard to do this when your twenty something and scared to death.

One day, love walked in.
Yes, right into her life.
A love that could have only been guided by our creator-God.
He held her hand, opened his heart, and made room for her.

Since then, love keeps walking in. It won't stop now. She won't let it.
Love came in the form of a husband, a home, a son, a job, a new commitment to God almighty.
When a heart is full of love, evil simply can't compete. It can be there, but it can't win.

That she is me.

My thirty year old self can now look back at my twenty year old self and be okay with the wandering and wondering she had to do...because it led me to now. My scars and hurts tell my story, but they don't define my story. My story is and always will be defined by love. Love binds everything together in perfect harmony.

Who wouldn't want that freedom?

This month I will journey through the book of Colossians.
Join with me as I search for a deeper understanding of setting our minds on things above.
The writer Paul challenges us to do so.
May God knit together this book for us, just as he did every joint and ligament in our bodies. Let us grow with a growth rooted in Christ.

Be Blessed

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