Monday, October 1, 2012

A Bird's World

I love hearing different people's perspective....even if I don't always agree... I enjoy those conversations about the "why's" of life.

I also think a lot about a bird's perspective. Seriously. I know it may sound silly. But I tend to watch birds and wonder about their world, their view, their issues.....their perspective.

One man decided to explore this topic and give us a better understanding of how a bird sees the world.

This is a two hour documentary callled Winged Planet, created by John Downer. He gives us this perspective by using spy cameras to let us in on some of nature's most amazing moments. I think it is a beautiful thing.

If you are interested, it airs on Discovery Channel, this Saturday at 8.

I pray everyone's Monday is blessed. Find God everywhere you go today. Change your perspective. Love someone difficult. Call a friend. Just enjoy life!

Be Blessed!


Christina said...

Birds are amazing creatures. I can only imagine how the world looks like to them as they soar above it all. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for sharing!

Andrea Noles said...

Thanks for leaving comment Christina. I will check out your page as well! Take Care

Tim and Richelle said...

i wished i could have seen the video - it isn't "available" in my part of the world. i do remember watching flocks of birds flying though... and then seeing videos of i think starling flocks flying in england. amazing how those many moved like a single unit, like in an intricate dance choreography!

thanks for this reminder of the importance of perspective!