Friday, October 12, 2012

My Inner Landscape

My words are my inner landscape.

My blog is my place to put my words. My place to digest my own thoughts, edit my desires and my fears. My place to develop parts of my self I still don't understand.

It gives me permission to be human.

Today while perusing the shelves at Goodwill I stumbled upon a pretty little book titled Private Pages. It includes excerpts from women's diaries from the 1830's-1970's. It attracted me immediately. The books' introduction reminds its readers that everyone's life holds contradictions, inconsistencies, insecurities, and messy stops and starts. If your life doesn't that means you're not living. I can't wait to read about the lives of these remarkable women who share their good and bad life experiences. Please check this book out if you have an opportunity.

I will leave you today with a song that I heard on Pandora  by Sarah Gaze called Lovely--

Hearing it reminded me that my worth is not based on how I am defined by others. I truly love who I am, although I am a work in progress.

God created all of us in unique ways and we need to spend more time loving ourselves, loving each other, and loving our world!

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