Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sometimes a song can teach you so much...

This week I learned about a new a new artist by the name of JJ Heller. My friend, Kati Bailey posted a song by her on facebook by her. I listened and literally was silenced by her music. I just wanted to keep listening. Her music is so raw and real and truly makes you think. The song, LOVE ME FOR ME, is a ballad about different people searching for someone to love them for who they really are! It is is a beautiful reminder that no matter where you find yourself in life, God loves you, really loves you! I could not help but think about all the sweet children that I come in contact with daily. You never knew who needs love. It may be a young child, a close friend, or even a stranger.....

I have been reading a little bit about her life. This is a quote from an interview she had:

III’m amazed to see the ways that God has used my music over the past year,” Heller says. “All this publicity wasn’t something I was intentionally pursuing, so it makes it that much more obvious to me that it’s something the Lord wanted. It’s been fun to watch Him work in my life and through my music.”

Heller frequently juggles blogging, sewing projects, home decorating, songwriting, touring, and parenting her nearly two-year-old daughter, Lucy. “None of this would be possible without my husband, Dave,” JJ says. “He works so hard to make sure we’re organized and staying faithful with the gifts God has given us.” Dave manages JJ’s career, co-writes, and shares the stage with JJ as her guitarist and backup singer during live performances. (SHE SOUNDS PRETTY COOL)

Okay if you have read this far... PLEASE LISTEN! I promise that you will be blessed!

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