Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Home: Bedroom Ideas

I must admit that Wednesday's are one of my favorite blog days, along with Sunday as well! I have been pondering over the design of our master bedroom. I want to feel cozy and relaxing, but clean and crisp. I think it can be done. After perusing several of my favorite online stores, I came across a comforter on that I thought could meet these requirements. I was afraid to see the price, but low and behold, I began scrolling, and a big fat red line price looked back at me! I smiled back. I love the color red...hehehe! This is not a definite, just an idea! What do you think? It is a little Hotel-ish, but I think I like that!
Grand Embroidered Duvet Cover, Twin, Porcelain Blue

I really like the idea of having a medium-tone gray accent wall behind the bed

And a Chaise Lounge in the Corner Nook

Beginning Stages. We will see what happens!

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KAY said...

Nice place to read a book!