Sunday, August 18, 2013

When your Bible gets beat up...

I love my Bible.

It's been through a lot these past 6 years.
But today, it took it's most horrific beating of all time.

It all began after church.
Daniel and I had driven in separate vehicles and I decided I would take Weston home with me.

As I opened the back door, I set my Bible along with a few papers on the back of my car.
I put Weston in his seat and spoke with a few people as they headed to their cars.

In the meantime, THIS GIRL completely forgot about the b-i-b-l-e and drove right off with my favorite book, riding on the trunk of my car.

Thankfully, someone noticed the papers flying from my car and gave them to Daniel before he drove off.

My Bible however, held on for the ride.
Now, keep in mind I had no idea I had anything on my trunk. For all I knew, everything was neatly tucked away in my car.

So I get home. Still, not thinking about my belongings.
And about five minutes later, Daniel walks through the door and tells me that someone gave him my papers that had flown from the back of my car.
I asked him if my Bible was with them.
"No," he said.

I knew then, that my Bible was somewhere between our house and the church. Which meant I had 4 miles of searching to do.

I drive slowly, drawing my eyes to the edges of the road. I get to the stop light about a mile from our home and I see a white truck with a man standing outside of it, looking down at something.

Could it be? Could it be my Bible?
I edge by him and I see the turquoise spine.
YES, YES, YES! There is my Bible in the hands of a stranger on the side of the road.

I take a deep, thankful breath, and quickly turn my car around.
I walk up to the man and tell him I think he found my Bible.

He says, "Yes ma'am I did, if your name is Andrea Hussell." (My maiden name was still written on the inside)
"That's me, except now I'm Andrea Noles," I said.
Apparently, he and his wife were driving and noticed a "book" in the middle of the road and decided to stop and pick it up.

What a great Samaritan.
He rescued my Bible.
And although it did get run over a few times, and bruised and torn a bit.
It is safely back in our home, ready to feed me soul tomorrow morning.

So there's a few lessons I took away from this experience. Because there is always a lesson people. There is always a "Danny Tanner Full House Lesson" attached to the mess ups we make.

1. Don't forget about your Bible. Don't toss it aside. Guard it with your heart, just as you would a child.
2. When something is lost go look for it.
3. Take the time to notice. You may find something someone is looking for.

Have a blessed week friends.

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Amanda B said...

Happy you found your Good Book!!!!