Tuesday, August 13, 2013

When you can't cut a straight line...

My kindergarten report card said I couldn't cut a straight line.

So that summer, my mom had me cut
 and cut,
 and cut some more.
And yes, by the end of the summer I could cut a straight line.
Not perfectly, but I could do it.

But what if I was never meant to cut straight?
What if I was meant to think in waves, and unevenness, and lopsidedness?
What if the one thing on my report card that I couldn't do was actually a gift.
What if the reason, I couldn't cut straight was because God knew I would
grow up and design things that weren't straight.
Like my classroom.
Notice the wall...

NOTHING about it is straight or perfect.
But I like it and I think kids will like it.

Now, don't get my wrong-- there is a time and a place for "straightness"
Like picture frames and parking your car, and getting from point a to point b.

I appreciate all the brilliant people in our world who have a linear perspective.
I really do.
Lines are their art and waves are mine.

So just know, whatever your report card says about you, there is also a lot it doesn't say.
Use your strengths, yet don't ignore your weakness.
They could too become a strength one day.

What did your report card say about you?
I would really love to hear back from you on this one.

Be blessed friends!


Lizzie Branch said...

I had more U's on my Kindergarten report card than S's. Hmmmm, already out of the proverbial box. Unfortunately, I caved in and toed the straight line. Only in the past 3 years have I dared to be crooked, broken, and wavy. It feels really good to live fully alive!!

Jessica Vega said...

I love this! It's great because I always got in trouble for talking and getting everyones attention. Now this is a part of what I do in ministry! See... God knows those things!!