Friday, August 23, 2013

Seek and Seek

We've all played the popular game, Hide and Seek a time or two.
But then we grew up.
We stopped playing didn't we?

Because how silly would it be to see grown adults out on a Friday night playing hide and go seek.

But guess what?

I think we play it more than we think.
But we play it with our Father.
Our creator.
And I can't speak for you, but for me...

I play this game daily.

The rules go something like this.

1. God speaks to us.
2. We run.
3. We hide.
4. And we wait.
5. We expect Him to find us.

Now I like to say I am seeker. I really do try. And some days I am a good seeker.
But other days, I run. I hide. I let fear abide in me. And I just wait in the hiding.

What if as Christians we played a different game?
God's game of Seek and Seek?
A game with no hiding, only chasing after one another.
And by one another I mean God.
A chase, a race, a seeking.
What if we started our day seeking, instead of hiding in our cozy beds, under our cozy sheets?
What if we sought first the kingdom of God?

I know what the word says about this game.
The winner of this game will have the righteousness of God granted to them.
Because Matthew 6:33 tells us that all things will be added unto us.

Maybe it's time to change the name of the game we play with God.
Maybe it's time to open up, listen up, and SEEK His face.

What will you seek when you wake up tomorrow?

The snooze button
The news
A big plate of bacon

To be honest I make seek 3 out of the 4, but FIRST, first I will seek the kingdom of God.

Have a blessed weekend.
Enjoy your flight>>>>>>>>>>>>

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