Friday, August 2, 2013

Oh, these hills of West Virginia...

West Virginia gave us a warm welcome last night.
The falling sunset said, "Good to have you back."
"I hope you enjoy your stay."

Oh, these hills, these West Virginia hills.
They become more beautiful with every trip.
Maybe because my eyes keep changing.
Because the more you notice beauty, the more you notice.

Oh, these hills...

They taught me and brought me to right now.
They let me run through them barefoot.
They gave me ingredients for my mud-pies.
They gave me pokeberries for my art, rippling creeks for my music, and blackberries for my belly.
They grew sassafras and sour grass, paw-paws, and honeysuckle.

There's somethin' about these hills that will always take up residence in my heart.
These hills have so many memories and so much goodness and so much Jesus.

I found Jesus here many years ago.
And I always will.
I can always see Him.

Wherever you find yourself today, look around and thank that place.
Because that place is shaping you and getting you ready for your next memory.

Thank you West Virginia.

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Anonymous said...

You may take the girl out of the hills, but you can't take the hills out of the girl.