Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I went to church today...

At 9:45 a.m I walked into church.

I was greeted, as always.

And was able to catch up with the fabulous barista.

And then I ordered a chai tea.

You see, I go to church every time I go to SPLAT, Mount Holly's local coffee shop.

Ya wanna know why it's church?

Because every.single.time I have been there. Jesus has been there too.

You can hear Him in nearly every conversation.
You can see Him working in peoples lives.
And you can certainly smell and taste him in the coffee.

It's true.

So I sat down and started reading a book, while I was waiting on a friend to arrive.

I couldn't pay attention to what I was reading because Jesus kept popping up.

I saw Him in a little girl who was reciting scripture aloud, even proclaiming John 3:17 to a stranger.
I saw Him in a young boy who drew pictures for the manager to hang up.

I closed my book because Jesus was too loud for me to concentrate on the words in front of me.

It's true.

My friend arrived.
She ordered her coffee and we began talking about her trip to London.
We sat for nearly two hours as she shared stories of her mission work and what Jesus was doing in her life.
She opened her heart and Jesus poured out.

I've never been to church at 9:45 am on a Wednesday.
I've never seen Jesus work in a coffee shop, like He is working there.

Church is everywhere, everyday.
We take the name of Christ into every place we land.

Take Him with you tomorrow and watch Him work.

Love and Light~ andrea

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