Monday, March 11, 2013

b.connected- isn't that what life is about anyway

People and Ideas.
We need them both.
And in order to connect with people and ideas, we need Jesus Christ.

Isn't He kinda like our bridge to all our connections we make in this life.
This life has creeks, streams, lakes, rivers, and oceans that divides up our world.
There is another great divide that exists between earth and eternity. And in order to
cross from one to the other.
God knew we needed a bridge.
So he sent that bridge in the form of a son, who built bridges with his disciples and the rest of the world while He was here.

There is no greater bridge we can cross, than that of THE CROSS.

As you connect with others today, remember who your bridge builder was and is.
Thank him for your friends, your family, your ideas.

As a reminder of connections we make, our women's bibly study made the picture frame above. Each person had a hand in creating this frame. And now it rests in my home as a reminder of my great friends and the best bridge builder I know!

Be Blessed and b.Connected my friends!

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