Monday, March 18, 2013

Is the queen of hearts always your best bet?

Desperado, by The Eagles, is one of my husband's favorite songs. One of mine, too!
Now, before you read any farther, I need you to go ahead and click play below.
It will make the whole reading experience better. I promise.

So, like I said this is a great song!

The Eagles used one word in this song that could have been replaced with a much better word.

The word is "Somebody"
At the near end of the song they tell us to "let somebody love you before it's too late?"

Now, I do fully agree with the notion that we need each other. Of course we do! And yes, I know the meaning behind the song and it's meant to tell the story of a man who won't settle down and needs to find his one true love before it's too late!


Who is that somebody?
And what are we gonna be late for?

I think it would be much better if we could somehow insert the word "Jesus"
That "somebody" came to earth and paid the price for my sins by His grace on the cross.
He is my "somebody" and it is NEVER EVER too late to let Him love you.

I'll bet "The Queen of Hearts" on that one.

And speaking of the Queen of Hearts. She is a great bet and everything.


I think our greatest bet, our greatest love, our greatest everything
is THE KING of them ALL (spades, diamonds, hearts, aces, and clubs)
Yep, every single one!

If you let the King love you, and you love him back...
You'll have all you need.
And maybe, just maybe, he'll give you that "somebody" you've been looking for.

Next time you see that Queen, remember your King. He's your best bet.
And when you're wishing for that "somebody" or "something"
Remember Jesus Christ fills that need first.

Last question for you...

Do your feet get cold in the wintertime?
Mine did today? Geesh this weather is confusing and cold!

Love and Grace my Friends!

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