Saturday, March 9, 2013

For your weekend...

What is your weekend going to be like?


Every person I know loves the weekends
Well, excluding those who work on the weekends.
Oops, sorry if you are one of those people!

Here are a few ideas to have a filled, yet relaxed kinda weekend.

Take a walk and enjoy the spring preview.
Although spring is not here quite yet, God has given us a sneak peek 
at the coming attractions that we are all anticipating. Walk slowly, 
be thankful, and let the sun and the son grace your face.

Wonder if the stars will be out tonight?
If so, stop and look at them. Wish upon them. Count them.
Listen to this song.
Starlight, By Rachael Yamagata
It is a great song

What else can you do?

Read, The Noticer by Andy Andrews
Watch, Argo
Listen to 90's Pop on Pandora
Do something kind for someone else
Try out a new pinterest recipe.
Get out your bible, and take some time to read the Sermon on the Mount.

Just have a filled, fun, and relaxed weekend.

Be Blessed

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