Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Take a Walk....

I reference Dr. Oz's book You on Diet frequently. It always reminds me of the value of walking. He believes that walking everyday is essential and is as important as daily sleep. How many of us would ever give up a night of sleep. Yeah right! Setting a goal of 30 minutes a day will give your body just that amount of exercise it needs.

I started a little walking plan with a friend and I am hoping it can become a habit in my life. It always helps to have someone right beside you, pushing you to keep going.

Here are some small steps to help stick to your BIG goals....
1. Make a reasonable/doable goal
2. Get in your face-- write yourself notes to remind you to work hard!
3. Seek out positive people
4. Aim for "No Slips" for 4 weeks. This will help establish a pattern.

Below is my FAVORITE SONG to run and walk to. The beat is perfect!

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