Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Creating an In-Home Library

It is no secret that I love books. Walking in a bookstore or library is like therapy to me.
As my husband and I were dreaming about our new home a few weeks ago, we discussed the formal dining room. In our new home, it would be located to the left of our front door. We also have a breakfast nook and a bar to eat at. We think the nook and the bar will have plenty of seating, so we started talking about turning the dining room into a library.....ahhhhh...this sounded dreamy to me.

I long to have a home for all of my books (instead of stuffed in a box in the closet). A place to wind down and kick back. A place to relax.

Here is a picture of an awesome library....What do you think?

What I love about this:

1. I love the glass shelving.

2. I love the chair--such a cozy spot

3. I love the window treatments

4. I love the natural light that you would have while reading

One issue: There needs to be another chair for Mr. Noles!

Have a great day everyone.

Any ideas about an at-home library are greatly appreciated!

1 comment:

jen said...

Well, can't see the pic for some reason, but am imagining and it is beautiful. Anything you create will be amazing. Your new home will be filled with love, peacefulness, beauty, simplicity and thoughtfulness...just like it's two care-taker/owners.