Monday, August 9, 2010

Here I am to Worship

I love my church. Every Sunday I walk away wanting to be a better person. This past Sunday our sermon was on 1 John 3. The message was about putting your words into action and serving the Lord with all that you are. Finding ways to spread God's love it what HE expects of His world. During the week I enjoy my quiet time. Sometimes I read my Bible, other times I will do a devotion, or listen to Chip Ingram speak. Worship and Serving doesn't end on Sundays. Worship is a part of our everyday living. I saw this picture below and it reminded me of all the ways we can serve and worship our Good GOD! How do you worship?

1. Pray aloud with my husband
2. Read great books like: Living on the Edge- By Chip Ingram
2. Listen to 106.9 and KLOVE while getting ready (very uplifting way to start the day)
3. Light a candle while doing the dishes and thanking God for all his blessings
4. Through showing kindness to others.
5. Singing great songs.

Have a blessed day!

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