Tuesday, July 2, 2013

When life is a question mark...

Of all the punctuation marks in the grammar world, which one can you most identify with as a representation of where you are on your journey?

Periods mark the end of a statement.
Exclamation marks celebrate
Commas are bridges to the next thing.
And question marks are waiting on an answer?

For me personally my life is a question mark with little exclamation marks, celebrating little things I am experiencing that are new to me.

And sometimes when life is a question mark, we have to wait.
We have to wait on God and what He wants.
And that's a hard thing.

But what if we entered into the question of ourselves, giving each day a chance to change us, to make us new, and prepare us for the answer stirring inside? What if we really let our lives be lived out in fervent faith, pressing onward our prayers, and setting ourselves down to what's next?

What is the overwhelming question punctuating your life right now...
Everyone's carrying around one. We are all wondering something.

It's a terrifying thing to do, really.
It's being okay with unknown.
It's saying yes to what may be next.
It's letting go of what you want the end of your story to look like.

Sue Monk Kidd, author of The When the Heart Waits (well known for her book, The Secret Life of Bees) compares the waiting to the metamorphosis of the caterpillar to a butterfly. Within the chrysalis, the caterpillar awaits renewal. In the waiting, chemicals are released, its insides are turned into mush with no parts, and from that emerges a brain, internal parts, head, legs, and beautifully painted wings. If you have never witnessed a miracle, then watch the transformation of a butterfly. I can't think of a better miracle to witness.

So while you wait, remember that creativity and beauty are found in questioning and wondering.
Wherever you are in your journey, let what's punctuating your life breathe. Give your marks space to do their work.

God's changing you friends, whether you are entering into the chrysalis, already inside waiting, or you have just broke free--- He loves you and is working all things for good (Romans 8:28 gives us that promise).

Here is a prayer for you today from The Daily Bread

We stand amazed, God, at the awesome creation You allow us to enjoy. From distant galaxies to beautiful butterflies, You have given us a world that speaks loudly of your love for us. Thank you, Lord, for creation. 

Enjoy your flight~~~>

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