Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dear Paula Deen,

Cooking is something that comes from the heart and soul. It is a venue for expressing love, appreciation, and the value of friendship.... It's something you do well Paula. And what we do well can not be taken from us. 

Yes, Food Network dropped you. Kmart, Sears, JCPenny, and QVC... said goodbye.

You may have been dropped by these few, but you are still held by many. You are held by the one who called you and has used you to serve so many people. And the great thing is -you can still use all the butter you want in the next dessert you make, you can still make your favorite recipes for your friends, and you can still walk with God, living out His will for your life.

We could all learn a lesson from you Paula. We could all stand to put aside our prides and say sorry more often. Unfortunately, you had to do it on National television.

But maybe God is calling you to something new, something better, something totally different.
Maybe he will use you in ways you can't even begin to fathom. Maybe your place isn't on tv. Maybe your next big thing doesn't involve lights and a camera, but hearts and souls, and good cooking.

Suffering is a hard thing. Suffering is that place we hate when we are there, but also it's that place we are thankful for, years down the road when we realize that suffering gave us salvation. Maybe you are being saved right now.

Thank you Paula, for handling this whole situation with grace.
Our media could sure learn a lot from you.

I hope God blesses you in many ways.
See your road through, Paula-- there is bound to be a sweet new recipe waiting at the end of it.

Andrea Noles


Dixie said...

Andrea, I love this!!! I pray she sees perplexed by the lynch mob when there is so many things wrong within our land is like she is the token lamb or something. Yes, God has something better for her and a plan. Let's pray she finds His peace in the midst of the fire!!

Bonnie said...

Well said Andrea, I couldn't agree with you more.

Missi said...

Andrea, Love your letter to Paula. My family and friends know that I'm a huge fan of hers. I heard a comment that she had gotten "too big for her britches" and maybe this was God way to redirect her path back to His work.

Andrea Noles said...

Thanks for your comments everyone! There is such a huge piece of me that believes this was just a way to get her out of the limelight and like Missi said, maybe redirecting her legacy!