Sunday, July 28, 2013

How many times have I missed it?

Tonight I'm wondering how many times I've missed it.
You know.
His voice.
The voice of the creator.

Because the more you hear Him, the more you realize He's been there all along.
And then you start to realize it's you.
You're the one who missed His voice. Not because you're a bad Christian or don't love Him. It's just what as humans,we've learned to listen to the voices of other humans because we can see the mouth of the voice we hear.

It's sometimes hard listening to an invisible voice.
But friends, listen longer and let your eyes see new things.

Let the invisible become visible.
Hear him tonight in the thunder.
Let the rain leave you listening for the next drop of his voice.
Listen to Him in the form of your child.
Hear His whisper when your head graces your pillow upon the evening's end.

Bless the Lord, oh my soul and yours.
Remember that it doesn't matter how many times we've missed it.
What matters most is that you are open and willing and ready for the next moment.
Because he is already there with words for you.

I hope you sleep soundly and awake satisfied. (Psalm 17:15)
Hope you enjoyed your landing.
(I love hearing from you, friends and value your comments.)


Diane Falls said...

Beautifully written, Andrea! These are the "God Whispers" that I mentioned that I am "chasing"! But you need to be quiet & still...This is my challenge daily- but I keep trying! You mention listening to Him through our children...Remind to tell you sometime about my first "God Whisper" that came out of my child's (Luke's) mouth last fall. It literally took my breath away & led me to "chase" more!

Angela Parlin said...

Andrea, I so wish we had had more of a chance to connect at She Speaks! I love your heart that comes across on your blog. I too wonder how many times I've missed His voice...just last night, my husband and I went sofa shopping and were able to have longer than an hour conversation with our salesman who was searching so hard for the end, some of his hurdles to belief had been overcome and he was seeing the light. It was incredible, and my hubby and I talked about this--how do these opportunities continue to present themselves now? How often did we just MISS His voice and His nudge? Not to stay there, but to move forward, looking for the Spirit's promptings every single day! Thanks for sharing this!