Friday, July 26, 2013

For when you're running late...

Late was a word I never really liked. 
It was a word that sent anxiety though my body.
It was a word I didn't want attached to my name.
Because I am an "ON TIME PERSON"

Until today. 

Today taught me that sometimes late is just a wait. 
A wait to get you to a place where God wants to use you.
A divine appointment. Not scheduled. Not planned. 

He can't always do His greatest work in plan books and calendars. 
Sometimes His greatest works are done in the waiting. 

I am thankful for the waiting I had to do today. 
I learned about the condition of my anxious heart and how time
had been ruling the deepest dwelling in my soul. 

Today every moment was a precious gift. 
And I never thought the gifts of today would come because of being late. 

Thank you God for teaching me. 
Continue to work on my heart. 

Until next time, 

>>>>>>>> Enjoy your flight


Dixie said...

Great post Andrea!! When we are ever trusting we can know that His timing is best always. He knows what is up ahead when we are sometimes clueless...and He knows we miss Him in our frenzied pace sometimes. Blessings!!

Lizzie Branch said...

this post made me weep. Yes, Lord, you know. You determine all of our meetings and none of them are by chance. So so deeply moved by this chapter in your story. I believe in you. The Christ in you is glorious, my friend.