Thursday, July 11, 2013

lights of heaven...

July in my studio has looked a little like the sky on July 4th.
Lots of lights. Sparks. And constellations of inspiration.

The greatest blessing my studio has lent so far, is that of seeing inspiration spark in a moment's notice.
I love the lightbulbs above heads. The "oh wow's" and the "flickers of fearless creating" and the moment you know the greatest creator is there, working the hearts of minds of children and adults, for good, for a purpose.

A favorite song of mine is "Fix You," by Coldplay. The song was written for Gwenyth Paltrow after her father died. The best line in the song is, "lights will guide you home." I love that notion. I love knowing a light will await when I am away. I loved this line so much that I put it on my chalkboard sign in my studio.

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And today, I knew the reason I had cared enough to carry it from song to sign.

I am constantly encouraging my kids to use the walls in our studio to inspire their thinking and especially their writing. One of my students looked at my sign and said, "hmmm, lights." "I think I'll write a book called Lights of Heaven." Then he said, "What if we write it together?" Of course I accepted his very serious request.

The next twenty minutes consisted of cutting apart magazines to look for inspiration. Looking for words that reminded us of heaven. (He cut an ice cream cone out, and said that was definitely heavenly). It.Was.Amazing.

We completed the title page today. I like it.

I loved the beautiful firework picture we found.

Thank you Lord for the gift of inspiration. You always provide, always inspire.

 Inspiration is what moves us forward and brings us back home when our light is almost out.

Thanks for letting the lights of heaven shine down on us time and time again. We notice.

We love you.

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