Monday, February 21, 2011

Inspired: 5 Things

Life inspires me. Life is full of moments and spaces in time that are forever impressed in my mind. Good things. It has also left me feeling drained and highly uninspired at times. I never let life take away the inspiration though. I promised myself that. I always keep searching. Sometimes it is hiding. Other times, it is essentially non-existent. The month of February always leaves me uninspired. It is my least favorite month. Why? Not sure. However, because God has been so gracious in giving us a little supply of Spring, the inspiration has snuck through my door. I'm locking it inside, and not letting it out! What inspires you? What takes hold of your inner being and stirs you? Right now, these 5 things are inspiring me.
Hopefully this has left you feeling inspired.

My 5.

1. Music- Music always stirs me up. Currently, I am loving Joshua Radin's new song Road to Ride on. I have to watch my speed in the car if I am listening to this song. It makes me press on the gas pedal (too hard). The beat is fantastic and the words are awesome. The first line says. "We've been waiting, anticipating, your arrival!" I think I will sing this to my future children. I just like it. Below is the song. You must listen!

2. KIDS- My students inspire me daily. I have been helping with our upcoming Broadway production, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. These kids are amazing. I love watching them put their heart and souls into their work. I always say that we perform based on how we practice. I can't wait to see their performance, because they are already practicing as if they are actually performing.

3. My Mom- My mom has in so many ways shaped me into the woman I am today. She left my brother and I with a lifetime of memories that no one can ever take away from me. That is priceless. I hope I can pass the same love for life onto my children (one-day). We love to share ideas for our classrooms, fun places we would like to visit, and so much more. We just love to learn from each other. This is a picture of her with my sweet cousin, Drake. He inspires me too. He is so caring and always takes time to call, text, or message me to see how things are going. I love them both.

4. LISTS- I am a serious listmaker. This is just the way my brain makes sense of life and all of its expectations. One of my favorite places to find great printable lists is There are loads of lists that help with organization. I also have a monthly budget printable that makes budgeting a "bit" more entertaining. It is colorful and makes sense to me. The PDF is located at:

5. THIS COLOR. AND THIS COLOR. I am loving blue and yellow. I am thinking I want to use these colors in my yard this year.

Now... inspire me back by leaving me a comment and let me know what inspires you! Love my friends!


MOM said...

You my dear daughter are my great inspiration. Other things are: "photos"..looking at and taking them. "quotes" latest one is..C + P = E (circumstance + perspective = the type of experience you are going through)"waterfalls"...I remember feeling frozen like an icicle..just stuck..watching free flowing water inspires me to move forward. I could go on and on, but those are a few that come to mind. Love you and keep on blogging!

jen said...

love this list! YOU inspire me... a whole lot! ---Oh, and Feb. is a great month to me, b/c it is when my sweet hubby was born:)