Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Feeling at Home: Simple Spaces

On Jan. 4, we landed in our new house in Mount Holly. Now, nearly 2 months later,we are nested and tucked away nicely in our home. Winter has given us the opportunity to organize and simplify spaces throughout our home. Now that our hearts are here we have gone from a house to a home. I decided tonite, that there should be an equation for this transformation, so I made this up: house + heart = home. Do you agree?
We have gradually worked on spaces throughout our home that needed " loved" We started in our kitchen by painting our chalkboard wall and writing song lyrics on it. Next, we moved into the office and gave our books a home by adding shelves along the wall. Currently, I am working on the "behind the couch" space. I convinced my helpful husband to put up our long white shelf. I added a few picture frames, but it needs more! I have been blog browsing and have found a few pictures of spaces I love. I'll post pics when I am finished. Having a home is a blessing. I want my home to be a place of peace and laughter, a place where family and friends gather, nature is appreciated, and love is present. For me, the more I can make my home feel like "outside" the better!

Love came first, then came marriage, next a new home.... I wonder what will be next???
Below are pictures that are inspiring me to create.

(I love the white picture frames and the simplicity of this space).

(Loving the chalkboard picture with the word dwell in the center. I also love the striped curtains. Bold but beautiful)

(Simple and Sweet)


Mom said...

Was going through the boxes downstairs. Found another summer journal of yours. Also, located a journal of Drew's. Of course his is more drawings than words. Found a shadow profile pic of Drew (like the one on your blog). I'm looking for your elementary artwork to frame.

Andrea L. Noles said...

that is awesome. i would love to frame some old artwork. i can't wait to look at some things this weekend!