Saturday, November 2, 2013

When God says Go...

Art is happening.

We are making it.
And we are living it.

It's a force that can not be reckoned with.
It's unstoppable.

we will make art
Emily Freeman's book, A Million Little Ways, is breaking apart more pieces of my heart and making more space for God to do His work.

And what I've learned most about brokenness... is that it makes way for space.
Space to renovate and be restored with strength.
And strength that sparks growth.

And when growth begins, God is saying "Go."
"Go and make disciples."
"Go and sin no more."
"Go and make art."

And that we will.
We will make art.

This picture was taken early this morning as I was on my way to a local craft fair. The moment called out my name and said, "Now. Right now, you need to take a picture."

I am so thankful for this moment and the gift it brought.
I was only hoping to capture the beauty of the fog seeping through the bare, leafless trees.
I was only hoping to capture the bit of sunlight the fog was letting by.

Instead I captured them all and a little green light at the bottom.
A green light that reminded me to GO and make art.

Let's go together friends.
Let's let God pour out of us and use us for His heavenly plan.
Let's watch His masterpiece move.

Now GO get Emily's Book and be ready for the blessings to flow.

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Anonymous said...

I am new to your blog and I think you are a great writer. I love the picture and how you used it in your post. I look forward to reading your posts. Lisa