Thursday, June 27, 2013

She is a traveler...

She is a traveler. She sees. She hears. She speaks. She wonders and wanders. Her luggage is light. Her flight is uncertain. She carries no map. Desire, freedom, and adventure is her runway. She looks at the world gratefully and collects perspective at every corner. 

Who is the traveler? The traveler is me. The traveler is you. 

Where will we land between here and heaven?

Think about all the places we land in a day. We step out of beds, take showers, brush teeth, eat breakfasts and walk into our own little worlds. Each of our  little worlds exist inside the circumference of God’s vast world.

Yet our creator is with us in each moment. His hand is stretched out still, guiding, leading, and showing us the way. He is preparing a place for us to land when this life is over, a place we will never understand until we arrive. Isaiah 55 confirms this when God says, "My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts. My ways are far beyond anything you could ever imagine."

So what can we do, where can we go, and who can we reach between here and heaven. 

Make a difference. Be a small part of God's voice and may your life today, bring a bit of hope to our world. It needs you. 

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