Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Feels like Home....

As many of you know, Daniel and I are anxiously waiting for our home to be built. We drive by daily and dream of memories we will make in our new home. I've been thinking lately how I have had many "Homes" throughout my lifetime. My first home was a Log Home on Belle Rd in Point Pleasant. I had many homes during college in Huntington, WV. I have a Home here at my In-Laws while my home is being built. But to me having a home is so much more. To me home is a weekend with my mom, or laughing with my dad, telling jokes with my brother, or fun days with friends. Home is listening to my Ma Ma Lee's stories, a day spent with the children at school and home is laying in bed blogging. To me, the meaning of home is connected with comfort, relationships, family, relatives, friends and traditions that give meaning to our lives. My idea of home has so many layers. Home to me can be a warm blanket, a new book, a candle burning, and a prayer. Home is a word that makes me feel safe. Think today about what reminds you of home. While you're thinking, listen below to the song, Feels like Home, By Edwina Hayes. It is so pretty and makes me feel well.... home.

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