Monday, November 4, 2013

Every moment is a movement...

"Every place the sole of your foot treads is  yours. Occupy each place until I come and fill the earth with the knowledge of my Glory."

Moments are movements.
They are tiny experiences, given to us as gifts to experience from one to the next, in order to unite the Kingdom of Heaven and Earth.

Your first sip of coffee this morning, is a moment that will move you out the door.
Your quiet time with Christ, is a moment that will move you in the direction of His calling.
Moments are everywhere and they are waiting for you to notice them.
They are gifts waiting to be unwrapped.

Below is a story poem that I wrote this past summer while on the beach, called Old Shoe, New Shoe.
This is a story about perspective. It's about two shoes and the conversation they share about living life. Coming from two walks of life, one nearing the end of his journey, and the other, just beginning his, they both teach each other to find the satisfaction in where they are.

There once we two shoes, one old and one new. Both had doubt in the soles of their shoes. The old had lost his partner, many years ago. The new shoe had a mate that was on the shelf below.

“I’m worn out, scuffed, unwanted, and used, no one needs me,” said the old shoe to the new.

“That’s not true, said the shoe that was new. You have memories and stories in the soles of your shoes."

“You have a history, you know where you’ve been. Be proud of those wrinkles you have on your skin.”

“You stand as a reminder to one and to all to see your road through even after you fall.”

“I’m the one with worries,” said the new to the old. I have no idea where I’m going and what these soles will hold.”

“What if my roads are winding and long and my soles wear out early and my laces aren’t strong?”

Do you have any wisdom before I step out?
Something to help the fear and the doubt?
Something to be my stepping stone?
Something you’ve learned?
Something life’s shown?

The old shoe paused and looked down at his laces. He thought about time and all of the places. The places and spaces that his soles had been. Then he stopped and smiled at the wrinkles on his skin.

“You’re very first step is out of the door, so tie up those laces and go out in the world.”

“Every step matters, because every step leads, so keep walking, keep trying, and just do the next thing.”

“Don’t turn back, whatever you do. Keep the faith in the soles of your shoes.”

“If you step in a hole, step right back out. Holes teach us lessons and set us about.”

“Horizontal or vertical, whatever the view, keep walking, keep learning, and see your road through.”

Here’s the lesson from the shoes to you.

Keep walking.
Keep learning.
And see your road through.

 Remember you are treading on His ground today.
Ground that is Holy and in need of His glory.
Enjoy every moment and movement.

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Anonymous said...

So beautiful is the gift of writing that our God has blessed you with.

Much Love and Faith in You!