Thursday, September 6, 2012

What did you notice today?

    One of my favorite books is The Noticer, by Andy Andrews.

   I love this book for many reasons, but mainly because it is a reminder to all that there is usually another perspective to any given situation. Many of us (including me, at times) walk around thinking we have things "figured-out."

    We make decisions for people, think we know how they feel, and like to give opinions based on what we think. Sometimes we are right. Sometimes we aren't. It is just what we do. But do we have to?
     Today I had an appointment. I had to drive through Charlotte traffic (which I am not used to in the morning) but hey, I made it!

    I walked slowly into the office (on purpose) in my attempts to slow down in this fast pace world. As I made my way closer to the door, I noticed the windows had freshly sprayed cleaner sliding down the glass. I saw the cleaning lady bent over grabbing a rag to wipe the window clean.

   I paused to wait on her and suddenly, a doctor (who was moving about a mile a minute) cut right in front of my and muttered, "you can go on in." I gently pointed to the cleaning lady and he sped on through the door. He turned back and said, "whoops, I just pushed on through and didn't even see her."

    When we slow down, we can notice. When we pause, we can show gratitude. When we breathe, we can be free.

What did you notice today?

Tonight I pray for the wisdom to continue to slow down and move through life more intentionally! Your day really will slow down if you do. Just try it and see.

~Grace and Love~


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