Monday, July 9, 2012

Who's in Control Anyway

     "You are learning to control your body, aren't you?" I whispered these words to my 5 week old son last night as I layed him on his changing table.

     He loves time to kick and move and he has discovered that his changing table is the perfect place to do just that. It's funny to watch him try to keep his balance as his body moves erratically from side to side. He wants that control so badly. As I rocked him back to sleep, I couldn't help but think about how the word "control" carries many meanings in certain parts of my life

What does control mean to you?

Spiritually- it reminds me of my creator and the faith I carry around daily because He is truly in control.
Physically- it means putting down the bag of chips and walking another mile ( I can control that, right) ???
Mentally- it means renewing my mind, by controlling what I read, watch, and listen to.
Emotionally- it means not letting my "feelings" during circumstances dictate my "joy" (can be tough sometimes).

And in terms of teaching-- it means a peaceful classroom, free of wildness and chaos.  ha!

    So as my son continues to wiggle and worm and discover his ability to control his body, I pray that I rely more on the Lord to be me guide as my husband and I parent our son. May our days be filled with "His" will instead of ours and a peace and faith that fills in that need to "control" what is going on.

 Today let's remember that Jesus was in control of His own life, even his own resurrection.
 He is also in control of ours.

Take time with our creator today.
 He deserves it.

Holy is His Name and His Will be Done.

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