Monday, September 17, 2012

Half the Sky

Hi friends.....
Lately, I have more time than ever to explore new opportunities in my life. From baby bottles to biographies to a possible new business venture....God surely has been good to me.
Today I started thinking about all the great women who have come in and out of my life and have helped shaped me into who I am today. Because of their strength I am a better wife and mother.
I did not think that my path would lead me to being a stay at home mom, but I can most definitely verify, home is where I belong right now!

Today as I was ketching up on my favorite blogs--- I found a new movement called halfthesky. It is about women's oppression. This is a serious issue, but mainly because women have either created it or bought into it due to horrible circumstances. We all carry around hurt. From the past and the present. Letting that go can be hard, but when you do the blessings are endless.

Take a moment to watch the halfthesky movement video and see what you think. I loved it!

Be Blessed with Grace Today and Tomorrow.


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