Monday, May 28, 2012

It's Splendiferous....

     Great moms let their kids lick the bowl. Always. My mom was always whipping up something yummy in the kitchen and she always made sure my brother and I finished off the bowl before washing it. I think brownie batter was always my favorite. What was yours?
    While Pinteresting last night, I found a recipe for JELLO pudding pops. The memories flooded back when I saw the picture. I remember mom buying these when I was little. It was all Bill Cosby's fault. He made them look so Splendiferous!!! Do you remember?

     So as I was making the pudding pops today, of course I licked the bowl clean and thought, "I can't wait to make these for my Weston!" Bill Cosby commercials may be long gone, but there is no reason that pudding pops had to disappear in the 90's. This mom is bringing them back starting today. As I wait for them to freeze, I solemnly swear to keep the pudding pop alive this year and all the years to follow. Who's with me?    

                                     Make something splendiferous today!