Sunday, May 27, 2012

Waiting to land


Does it scare you? Isn't that what matters most to passengers anyway? Don't we all just want to arrive safe and snug at our destination? I started thinking about this in relation to life and began wondering.... what is involved in landing an aircraft? After reading about it, I learned that A LOT goes into bringing down an airplane. Come to find out, there are four major factors that affect an aircraft's landing. I had no idea.

THRUST: This is your engine power.
LIFT: The "force" that opposes gravity (weight). It is produced by air flowing in an undisturbed manner over and under the wing. Available lift at slower speeds can be increased by the use of flaps.
DRAG: The opposite, naturally, of thrust. It is the resistance of the body of the aircraft and its surfaces as it moves through the air.
WEIGHT: The greater the weight, the more lift required to maintain flight.

Hmmm.... this is only a little portion of everything else that has to work in order to make a smooth transition from air to ground.

Another important factor: The whole idea of landing an airplane is to place it where you want it on the runway. In order to do this, you as the pilot must have control over those factors!!!

So, how does this relate to life. 
Here's what I'm thinking.

1.  Thrust--- Where do we find power to make it through our days? God? Food? Jobs? Kids? What moves us?

2. Lift- What forces are working in our lives? Are they positive and healthy?

3. Drag- What inner struggles do we fight daily? What factors do we feel like are working against us?

4. Weight- Do we carry around more happiness or burdens?

We know as people, we have the ability to control many portions of our lives. We can control what we eat, where we go, and who we associate with. We can control the time we go to bed, the movies we watch, and the books we read. However, we can not control many things in life like--- traffic, diseases, and WHEN BABIES ARE BORN! HA! But.... we can rest in God's peace knowing that he is the pilot of our lives, placing all the little moments leading up to great big things in his hands.

Tonight I truly feel blessed knowing that I have a creator who cares and orchestrates our lives to be lived out and His will always ends up giving us that smooth landing we are looking for.

Believing in his timing.

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