Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Today, on the blog http://www.kindovermatter.com, I read about the Art of Noticing. Here is a piece from the blog:
When was the last time you noticed your life? Not the tasks and the to-do lists and the stack of dishes in the sink. Well, those too actually. But beyond that. When did you last notice how you feel after a meal? How your lover sounds asleep besides you? What your children do when they think you are not looking? How your lungs feel when you first step outdoors?

Life moves fast. Everyone says so. So fast that we spend it before we notice that it’s gone. Like a bowl of m-n-m’s that sit beside you while you watch a movie. You look up, and they’re gone.
What if you could slow things down with something as simple as
noticing? What if you realized that you needed rest before you collapsed? What if you didn’t feel like your kids were “growing up too fast?” What if you had time to savor your one precious, sacred life?

After reading this, I felt challenged to think about what I had noticed so far today.... Here is my list (I heart lists, btw)
1. I noticed the weather when I stepped outside.
2. I noticed love and joy as my 2nd grade students read their poems on stage today.
3. I noticed rudeness.
4. I noticed a hug a child gave me.
5. I noticed God calming me down when I was frustrated over a situation.
6. I noticed the wind blowing my flag nearly off its stand.
7. I noticed a baby bird.
8. I noticed the stillness of my home.

As the night unfolds, I await and am interested to find other noticings!
Be Blessed!

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