Monday, April 18, 2011

Choice Words

I am reading a (teacher) book called, Choice Words By Peter Johnston. In this book, I am learning about how seriously the language teachers use in the classroom plays out in the development of our children's histories. The words we use everyday, teach them about who they are and what they will become. Our words shape the choices they make and how they learn. To me--- THIS IS HUGE!!! The language I use daily is THE most powerful tool I have. Stepping away from this thought makes me think, "Wow, what and honor." and it also makes me say, "Wow, that is pretty scary."
This book has caused these ideas concerning literacy to shift into my personal life as well--- relationally, emotionally, and spiritually. Relationally, as a wife, friend, daughter, sister, coworker...etc.. my words can uplift and encourage or demean and discourage. Emotionally, the words I say about myself can make or break my day. Spiritually, I can choose to let my language serve our creator or take away from his glory. Vygotsky said,“Children grow into the intellectual life around them.” Therefore, it’s our job, as educators, to try to employ phrases that will increase our students’ sense of identity, knowing and agency. As adults, we are still growing into our lives, and therefore it is still our job to increase everyone's sense of identity, knowing, and agency!

I will leave you with one of my favorite songs by Nichole Nordeman, called Legacy. We can choose our words, our footsteps, and the legacy we will leave for our children.


jen said...

great post, great thoughts, great song! xoxo

Ginni Poole said...

Well said and I agree with you completely! Good job, girlfriend! I love having you in my life! :)