Friday, July 22, 2011

Vanessa Carlton-- Album Review

Hello blogworld. I decided to today it was time to jump back on my blog and start posting again! Sooooo..... This afternoon I spent a little time on I-Tunes looking for new albums that are coming out soon. I stumbled across Vanessa Carlton's new album Rabbits on the Run. I previewed each song and loved every song on the album (This rarely happens). I really liked the songs, Carousel, Hear the Bells, and Get Good. I have her first album and still listen to it, even if it is nearly 8 years old. This album seems so different in comparison to her others. I love it when artists try new things and don't stay stuck in a music box. She talks a lot about how nature inspired her throughout the making of this album. She spent time traveling to places she has never been and broke free from her own label so she could create the album she believed in. If you're interested listen to the youtube videos below to hear her story about the making of this album and the four elements that make up Rabbits on the Run. Below that is her song Carousel. A children's choir sings along with her and it is gorgeous! Enjoy Friends!

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